The mission of Newport Christian School is to provide a distinctively Christian education, which starts with leading students to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We provide a safe, loving Christian environment where everyone is challenged academically and encouraged to follow the Bible as the reference point on all matters of morality, character development, and personal responsibility.  





Newport Christian School is a community of learners where knowledge is applied and all students and staff are supported in continual personal and spiritual growth, scholarship, and leadership. Newport Christian School provides an environment that is Christ honoring, safe, welcoming, and challenging where everyone has a voice, a sense of belonging, and school pride. Newport Christian School actively reaches out to our parents and families with the gospel, involving them in the learning process. 


Newport Christian School is a ministry of the Liberty Baptist Church of Newport Beach, California. The school’s primary purpose is the teaching and training of young people in a rigorous academic program from a biblical perspective. Newport Christian School was founded to support parents in the rearing of their children and to provide a Christian alternative to the education offered in most other schools, both public and private. We stress wholesome Christian living, including personal salvation through Jesus Christ, obedience to the Word of God, and the use of our talents for the glory of God. The goal of the school, as it relates to the school’s mission is to help meet the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of each child.


Newport Christian School is dedicated to the philosophy that Christian education is the best education. We recognize God as the supreme Source of all knowledge and wisdom. All academic subjects and co-curricular programs are taught from a biblical perspective. Newport Christian School wants to partner with likeminded parents in training children to be well rounded, academically excellent, and spiritually and socially mature for the glory of God. Because the Lord commands young people to be good examples of believers in Jesus Christ, guidelines for personal habits and dress are provided. The principle of biblical self-discipline is the basis of our disciplinary structure. In addition to self-discipline, a young person must have Bible-based wisdom, understanding, and knowledge in order to honor the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, the Bible is not substituted for any academic subject; rather, it is integrated into the total educational program.